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hello! I am kuba rojek

This is my personal website.
I am full stack developer with more than 10 years of coding experience.
Nice to have you here!

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Cryptocurrencies and beyond

It all started in 2015 with some UI work on Bitcoin fork called Casinocoin(CSC). Since that moment I got suck deep into cryptography and blockchain world.

Since then I extended my knowledge in BTC protocol, Ripple protocol and Solidity. I worked as backend developer extending CSC protocol and development of apps using it.

In my opinion consensus protocols and blockchain is much more then just cryptocurrencies. We can explore this world together!

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wzywaj posiłki

During COVID pandemic I thought I need to help locked-down restaurants reach their clients so within one month I rolled out food delivery webservice It is ethical, it helps and it still works!

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delivery portal

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mobile application

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carsharing app

In 2018 under influence of mobility-sharing boom I created an Android app aggregating car/scooter sharing devices available in my area on one map for easy searching.

The ultimate goal was to enable rental from within the app. It became more of a law/business agreement issue rather then coding and I abandoned it. Don't miss ubahnverleih repo if you want to get your hands dirty, or Trafi if you prefer things that just work ;)

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about me

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who am I

I’m passionate problem solver, adept in finding design flaws and ways to overcome them. I thrive in dynamic environments where goals change on a daily basis. I like to face challenges and stretch my comfort zone.


Let's stay in touch and do something together!

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